Commercial Paving

Commercial Paving

Wolf Concrete Construction is proud to offer concrete paving services. Concrete paving over the long term can be more cost effective than asphalt. Concrete is also a greener solution for paving than asphalt due to the fact that concrete is completely recyclable, does not use 40 gallons of asphalt oil per ton of material and reflects heat instead of absorbing it. Concrete paving also provides a more durable surface when heavy loads are expected.

Concrete Paving Removal

Wolf Concrete Construction is a full service company, we can remove and recycle your existing concrete paving or asphalt and then prepare the ground for installation.

Concrete Paving Installation

The way that you start a project matters, typically paving installation starts by bringing in good base material to provide a starting point that is as solid as possible. Special attention is paid to how water is to flow over the finished product so any grading or sloping is also taken care of at this point so that the paving will be a uniform thickness. If necessary drains can be added to provide for water removal. Natural soil movement is not something that can be avoided completely, thus control joints are added to the paving to provide a controlled location for movement. Control joints are added as the product is laid. Once the concrete is laid the finish is placed into the concrete. Wolf Concrete is proud to offer a wide variety of finishes.